Tuesday, January 30, 2018

It will be enough... (I hope)

It's Tuesday and today my little girl ventured off to begin new year at school. Later in the week my son will do the same. This time of year leaves me with mixed feelings. A feeling of excitement for the year they will have, a feeling of apprehension of the life lessons they may learn and a feeling of sadness that they are growing at what seems to be a super sonic speed. I know as a mother I have a role which is to teach them the skills to survive this world and to enable them to live a full life with confidence and bravery, kindness and compassion. But..It's at this time of the year I wonder am I truly doing enough? am I on the right track? am I missing something? I hope and pray that whatever I have to give. The 'little' or the 'a lot' it will be enough. 

Over the last little while I have had the pleasure of being apart of the Kraft + challenges blog. 
This is a great challenge blog and the design team truly blow me away with their talent. As part of my 2018 year it was with great sadness I resigned from the team. I hope that when life settles a little I will once again be apart of the Kraft + family. 

Check them out over on facebook and Instagram. 

Here are the layouts I created while on the team.

I encourage you to have a go at some of the challenges and have a chance at winning some wonderful scrappy prizes. 

Blessings Lauren xo

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  1. Hi.. Life has seasons and sometimes really busy ones... I hope this year is a great one for you.. Love all the inspiration you created for the Kraft+ challenges... I hope you have a great day!