Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday's Top 10 Life Loves

This week I have been a little slack in the social media world. The reasons will clearly be outlined in this weeks Top 10. I hope everyone has a Top 10 like this one. I am one lucky woman, wife and mother.

1.   Little girls birthdays
2.   Little boys birthdays
3.   Child free weekends away with my man
4.   Dinners in interesting places
5.   Shopping shopping & more shopping
6.   Gold class cinemas
7.   Bubbles with girlfriends
8.   Parties
9.   Winks
10. Rock concerts

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday's Top 10 Life Loves

1.  Fluffy socks after a warm shower
2.  Frozen mars bars
3.  Banoffee pie
4.  Movies with my girls
5.  Weekends away with my hubby
6.  Shopping for new scrappin supplies
7.  iPad
8.  New magazine with a hot cuppa tea
9.  Watching my beautiful boy play basketball
10. Instagram

Monday, November 19, 2012

Scrapbooking with Detail

Stitching, beading, inking & glitz, it was the works with this layout, and boy was it worth it. Taking the time with your layouts and adding that little extra detail makes such a difference. Thread those pesky buttons, pull out the heavy sewing machine, glue those stinkin slippery beads one at a time and see the difference. Happy Scrappin!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scrap Day Challenge...

Waking up this morning the house was quite and the rain was gently hitting our tin roof... 'Ahh bliss' I thought to myself. As that thought was gently floating through my head I hear the thundering feet of three little monsters (my children) coming up the hallway. My peaceful thought had just been blasted into oblivion. It was on... breakfast, nappy changes, getting dressed, washing on and finally....a little peace. I start wondering into my studio to pack for a scrap day, as I turn the corner I find my little girl hiding in my scrap tote. I thought to myself  'I love it all!' the stolen sleep, the noisy chaos of breakfast, the smelly nappy changes and the bickering of siblings. This is my family, this is my wonderful life.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Cardmaking with Scraps

I think every Scrapper can agree that we have plenty of unloved scraps left over after a layout has been complete. If your anything like me, as I am packing up I think to myself 'I am going to save all those scraps and use them for another project' but the reality and my thoughts are very different. I have recently had a bit of a studio clean up and what I found shocked me. Bags and bags of 'scraps' were being found everywhere! I sat sneezing from all the dust and thought 'Time for a change'.

 The idea that I came up with was this... After I finish my layouts I make another quick little project with the scraps. On this layout I made a card, other projects I have made gift tags and door hangers. Why don't you have try to use your scraps and see what you come up with.

Happy Scrappin

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 10 Life Loves

I think it is always important to look for the 'love' in life. That famous saying 'all life is suffering' can sometimes easily take over. Tonight I sat thinking about my life and the lives of my closest friends, and boy oh boy we have faced some challenges... But with every challenge there has been a light, a light that life through time gives us. So my post tonight and every Tuesday night to come is going to be my 'Top 10 Life Loves'. I hope they inspire you to make your own.

1.   My sleeping babies
2.   My husband sneaking in to kiss me goodnight
3.   Hot crumpets with honey in the mornings
4.   Road trips to Gloucester on Thursdays with my beautiful friend
5.   Heidi Swapp
6.   The wind before a storm
7.   Hot summer nights
8.   My iPhone
9.   Christmas shopping
10. Twilight movie series

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Angel Baby

Blessings come in many forms, one of mine was a beautiful baby girl. As I scrapbook a photo of my little girl born almost three years earlier, I am transported back.

Katie is my second child, as she was passed into my arms I felt confident, strong and sure as a mother, the gift for parenting a second child. I ignored the books and parented naturally doing what I felt was right. The result has been a confident, loving, beautiful little girl that fills my heart.