Saturday, January 24, 2015

Scrapbooking with Flutterby Designs

My beautiful sister asked me to scrapbook this photo of her and her daughter. 
When I sat a my desk all things Flutterby came to mind. 

This layout was created using some of Flutterby Designs essential products. 
These include stencils, flares, chipboard and tabs. 

I loved creating this background and enjoyed experimenting with different stencils, colors and textures.

I hope you love this layout as much as my sister did and grab those essential Flutterby items today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jot Kids - Introducing the Jot Kids 2015 Planner

Jot Kids is back and I am so excited to share this with you! 
Kim over at Jot Magazine is just amazing. When I come up with these ideas she gets on board and supports me to create fun challenges for creative kids. This year I threw a big one at her. With the Planner craze in full swing I thought it important to let the kids enjoy some planner fun also. 
She here we are introducing the 
2015 Jot Kids Holiday Planner!! 
My little Katie Jane could not wait to get on board and begin creating, and I will let you in on a little secret even my fifteen year old son got creative but no photos were allowed lol. 

If you are wanting your children to join in the creative fun then get on over to Jot Magazine and download your FREE planner pages. Oh and don't forget to share what you have created to have a chance at winning a great prize pack from Flutterby Designs. 

 Oh Mum! Please stop taking my picture. I am trying to work on my planner!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Art Journal - Experience Passion Love & Joy

Sharing my latest art journal project. 
I loved stamping with white ink and blending with black gelato. I had no idea how this would come together. I just kept adding new layers and different textures and I am pleased with the result. 
I hope everyone out there experiences PASSION JOY and LOVE in all aspects of life. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Scrapbooking with Flutterby Designs

Gotta love a good selfie. 

With the right light and the right angle I can take 10kgs off without having to lift a muscle.  
Ok.. Im just being silly. lol 
What I love most about the selfie movement is that women are scrapbooking themselves more than ever before. 
If a selfie is what it takes for women,mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers to capture and document themselves then I am all for it. 

Here is a little selfie fun that I have had using fabulous Flutterby Designs products.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Art Journal - Explore

I'm sharing tonight my third art journal project. When creating this page I dreamed of all the wonderful adventures I hope to find myself on in the future. To explore this beautiful world, to challenge myself to do things I think I cannot and capture these moments. 

This layout celebrates that dream and I pray that it comes true. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Art Journal - Capture Life

Very excited to share with you the second page of my art journal. When creating this page I reflected on my love of photography and I have a challenged myself this year to take more photos.

Yesterday my sister invited me to her house for dinner. While I was there I picked up her camera and just had fun taking random photos of our kids. At one point I was lying on the grass in my work clothes getting all dirty but I thought 'who cares I am having a great time'.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Art Journalling - This could be important...

At retreats, in shops, in friends lounge rooms and on social media I have been sitting looking at all these people creating               art journals
I would be truly amazed when watching the process and seeing the results. 
Mixed media is taking the scrapbooking world to a whole exciting new level and to be honest any time I tried to incorporate any techniques into my traditional style of scrapbooking I was a little freaked out. I also wondered about the purpose to the art journal as they were not using any photos? That was until recently when I was sitting in a doctors surgery supporting a friend. I looked over and saw a woman sitting quietly in the corner of the room with art journal and pen in hand. I looked at her face. She appeared calm, content and completely mesmerized by her journal and what she was creating. She was beautiful.
There it was, right in front of me. The reason for me to begin my art journal journey. 
My art journal now has a purpose. 
I want it resonate messages that are personal to me. 
I want it to send messages to inspire and wisdom to support family, friends and other creative people. 
I have not participated in 'the word for the year' this year but I think I have found something better. 

Over the next twelve months I want to create, be calm and content just as that woman in the doctors surgery demonstrated to me. 
Here is my first page, the beginning of my art journal journey.


Jot Magazine first 2015 Mood Board Challenge

How super cute is this!

How could you not want to participate is this mood board challenge. Now I know this time of year is absolute chaos but don't forget to find five creative minutes for you in there. 

In a recent post I shared how busy I have been, I am not alone... I received messages after that post from women who a feeling a little the same and I began to think. 

Women are AMAZING!
 We are providers, carers, homemakers, business owners, volunteers, you name it, the list goes on.. And in all those amazing things we do WE, the person, US gets lost. 
So here I go.. I am going to say it.. and you are probably thinking.. she is going to say it. 
and now your thinking... THERE IS NO TIME. I know I know I was a there is no time person too. BUT I managed to change a few little things in my life to make it all happen. 
Here is what I did to simplify my life. 

  • Washed the clothes every second day instead of everyday (Time saved 30 mins)
  • Stopped ironing all the clothes. I now iron what we need for the next day the night before (Time saved 1.5 hours)
  • Vacuumed every three days instead of every two (Time saved 2 hours)
  • Simplified meals. It's summer, Bowls of salad and the meat on the BBQ, wraps where the kids prepare there own, homemade pizza. I am now an expert on meals that take little time to prepare and minimal mess to clean up. (Time saved HEAPS)
Just these few little changes in my life made a big difference. I found more time to be creative and I even manage a walk around the block each night. I know all this doesn't seem like much, but making those few simple changes and made a MASSIVE difference in my life and I am feeling a little more in control to tackle 2015. 

OK enough with the deep and meaningful! lol Here is what I have created being inspired the first 2015 Jot Mood Board.

Click HERE to see what the other Jot Girls have created.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jot Magazine Issue 8!!

The very last issue for 2014 of Jot Magazine was released a short time ago. All I can say is.. 
Wasn't it FABULOUS! I love each issue.

I also want to share with you some exciting news... I will be staying on as a part of the Jot Magazine Design Team for 2015. I feel truly blessed to be apart of this amazing publication and the new team.... well all I can say is WOW get ready to be inspired out of your mind!! 
Here is what I created for Issue 8.