Friday, July 26, 2013

Collaborate for a cause

Now this is cool! A super doopa couple of ladies put together a facebook auction that raises money for fantastic causes. I watched this amazing event last year and my jaw dropped at the amount of support wonderful facebook users gave to fantastic causes. 
Heres the run down.. there are heaps and I mean HEAPS of handmade facebook pages out there all creating beautiful items. You get together with a few and select a fabric or theme and all create indiviual pieces. These are then put together as a collaboration and you may pick the charity of your choice. It along with a couple of hundred other collabrations goes up on the collaboration for a cause facebook page and on weekend 26-28th of July you can bid on the collaboration. 
I was lucky enough to be asked by an amazing group to join a collaboration this year. Here is what we came up with..

Stop by and check out the auction

Here is my contribution. This shadow box frame is made with 95% fabric. I joined up with my beautiful and talented friend Kathy from Rare Thread to create this. Many laughs, lollies and late night pizza was had to create this masterpiece. 

And where would we be without a coordinating card? 

Jot - Mood Board Challenge

Wanting to have some fun
Why not have a go at the beautiful mood board challenge over at Jot Magazine. 
Check out the gorgeous colour pallet to work from.
Here is what I had a great time creating. 
My little dollys first underwater photo. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jot Design Team

I have some super exciting news to share... 
I am on the JOT MAGAZINE Design Team!! 
I feel so lucky to be chosen as the list of finalists was a mix of extraordinary talent. 
I can only image how hard the decision was to make. 

I thought I would share one of the layouts I used as a submission piece. 
This layout I loved creating. 
I called it Vintage Me and its not hard to see why lol