Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 10 Life Loves

I think it is always important to look for the 'love' in life. That famous saying 'all life is suffering' can sometimes easily take over. Tonight I sat thinking about my life and the lives of my closest friends, and boy oh boy we have faced some challenges... But with every challenge there has been a light, a light that life through time gives us. So my post tonight and every Tuesday night to come is going to be my 'Top 10 Life Loves'. I hope they inspire you to make your own.

1.   My sleeping babies
2.   My husband sneaking in to kiss me goodnight
3.   Hot crumpets with honey in the mornings
4.   Road trips to Gloucester on Thursdays with my beautiful friend
5.   Heidi Swapp
6.   The wind before a storm
7.   Hot summer nights
8.   My iPhone
9.   Christmas shopping
10. Twilight movie series


  1. Oh smooshy post. I like smooshy posts :-) Thanks for linking up for Wordless Wednesday!

  2. Love number 4 xoxo