Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy Happy 2014! 

I wonder what this year will bring... My children are growing so fast and they amaze me daily. My husband astounds my with all he achieves professionally and as a father. 

I hope and pray that my year is filled with happiness, joy, love and laughter

I am blessed to live in the beautiful Manning Valley surrounded by family, and this gift as each year travels by I become more aware of just how precious and important this is. 

I thought I would share my word or action for the year.

I hope to keep in perspective what is most important. To treasure and respect the people around me. 

Care and support people that may not be able to support themselves and not let this effect my life in a negative way. 

I hope to look after my health and mind, and to be nurtured by wisdom, literature and creativity. 

I hope to be more GROUNDED

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